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The Iron Skeeters are Zip's loyal sky pirate crew aboard the airship Infamy. They ride into battle on flying mechanical creations that they stole when they took the ship itself. They have even convinced Earl Burns to stylize the machines to look like giant, metallic mosquitoes. Zipp felt that added a certain flare to their raids and better suited their name. These Gremlins have been loyal to Zipp since long before he stole the airship. They have gotten used to him not doing his full share of the pirating and talking while he should be working, but that's no different from most Gremlin bosses. Although they find him annoying from time to time, Zipp's plans and ideas always seem to pan out, so why fix what isn't broken? When they aren't busy pirating, the Iron Skeeters amuse themselves by gambling, pulling the ships control leavers to see what happens, and placing bets on which crew member the First Mate will eat next. Gremlin Box Set, containing three 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality Plastic. Set Contains: Models 3 Iron Skeeters Stat Cards 3 Iron Skeeters

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