Warhammer 40000 Battleforce Leagues of Votann Defenders of the Ancestors


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Few races in the galaxy are as redoubtable, courageous or determined as the Kin who make up the Leagues of Votann. Nor are many as ruthless when it comes to the risk-and-reward calculus of war. To face them in battle is to stand before an armoured avalanche that crushes all in its path. It is to be appraised and then brusquely dealt with by attackers who see you as little more than an obstruction to wealth and glory – or else as a hated nemesis, whose annihilation is worth any cost.

Harness the wisdom of the Votann and the steely judgement of the Leagues with the versatile forces in this boxed set. A doughty Einhyr Champion leads an armoured fist of Einhyr Hearthguard, packing a massive punch as they’re delivered to battle by a Hekaton Land Fortress. A fast-moving Sagitaur ATV lays down suppressing fire with advanced weaponry, while a wise Grimnyr provides psychic support.


This set includes the following models:

– 1x Grimnyr with 2x CORVs
– 1x Einhyr Champion
– 10x Einhyr Hearthguard
– 1x Hekaton Land Fortress
– 1x Sagitaur

All models are supplied with their appropriate bases.

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